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Jeremy is the best PT out there! Not only is he great at what he does, but he is a great listener and confidant. Enduring two years of neck and back pain, I struggled immensely to find a route of care that would help to relieve the strain this had on my life. I went to multiple doctors, specialists, physical therapists, and even went as far as to get lidocaine injections in my neck and back. This was all an extensive path that led me to finding Jeremy and receiving the care that helped me to achieve greater mobility and overall be in less pain. I 10/10 would recommend Jeremy and Game Changer Therapy to anybody in need!

- Natalie Gualario

Jeremy is a very intelligent, stand up guy and is truly incredible at what he does. I spent around 6 years in pain seeing doctors, chiropractors, and a bunch of different physical therapists, each having their own idea of what was causing my hip and back pain. I was sent for numerous MRI's, lower back cortisone injections, prescribed a bunch of generic exercises that almost always caused me more pain and nothing ever helped until I met Jeremy. He has not only helped me with physical pain, he helped me to understand my own body and how everything is connected and why I feel what I feel. He uses a completely different approach that takes into account how your entire body moves and your own personal compensations and tailors very specific exercises to help with your symptoms. I am so grateful to him for helping me and recommend him to anyone who has any kind of discomfort or pain.

- Benjamin M

Dr. Jeremy at Game Changer Physical Therapy could not have been a better match for my 10-year-old daughter. She is a competitive dancer who practices many hours a day, 5-6 days a week. She suffers from OCD and generalized anxiety disorder, which though normally is managed fairly easily, has been exacerbated during Covid. She began having issues with knee pain and saw a wonderful Orthopedist who had extensive experience working with dancers. He highly recommended Dr. Jeremy as he felt the quality of his work would help my daughter complete her therapy quicker than with an average Physical Therapist and she was definitely in need of quick, effective care to get back into her routine. My daughter was nervous to get started, didn’t want it “to hurt” and did NOT like it when she would have to do virtual sessions due to quarantine. But Dr. Jeremy did everything he could to engage my daughter and make her exercises fun. Fortunately, much more often than not their sessions were in person, but I was thoroughly impressed with the effort he put forth virtually. They would have jovial conversations as they worked hard and even a very heated debated Dr. Jeremy took to Instagram as a poll question as to whether or not “Die Hard” was or was not in fact a Christmas movie. This level of engagement took my daughter’s therapy to a whole new level. She LOVED her sessions. She looked forward to them. She was healing and having fun at the same time. She was actually very sad when it came to an end. My daughter take the stage for the first time this weekend to compete for the first in a year and she cannot wait to share her solo with Dr. Jeremy. She also takes great satisfaction in being able to say that Instagram agrees, Dr. Jeremy. Die Hard IS a Christmas Movie. I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy Paster for all of your athletic and recovery needs. In fact, I’m going to be his new patient soon. My daughter’s knees are hereditary.

- Meaghan D

I would start off by saying that Jeremy is an awesome guy who really knows his stuff. He's not like your typical physical therapist...he's a cool physical therapist. Back in September when I had an unexpected back injury and was rushed to the ER- I never thought i'd be the same again. Doctors were pushing surgery and made me think that I wouldn't be able to do "normal" movements without doing something dramatic to fix it. I've known Jeremy since high school and was actually recommended by a mutual friend - who swore that he was really good at his craft. She was not lying. I've been completely transformed physically and mentally. I am now more knowledgeable in my everyday movements as well as any physical movements from sports/working out. Two weeks after my injury I was a changed person- when I went back to the orthopedic doctor they were actually shocked by how much strength I gained back (in my right leg) along with not feeling any pain or discomfort. I give all the credit to Jeremy! With continued therapy twice a week and now incorporating yoga into the mix I am able to finally feel myself again. Thanks Jeremy! I would highly recommend anyone in pain or discomfort,from a recent or past injury, to check him out!

- Noelle Ciumei

I’ve been with Jeremy for that past year and a half and he’s been amazing. He brought me from have so much lower back pain that I couldn’t walk to being the most limber I’ve been in my life. I highly recommend him.

- Jack Saker

I wasted years trying to find a physical therapist who would help me to alleviate knee pain. I found Jeremy and I will never have to search again. After two knee surgeries and years of pain, while working an active job, I was tired of physical therapists who only wanted to band aid my knee issues. From day one Jeremy has been committed to the bigger picture - of how to treat ALL of my body, not just my knee, and how to help me move better in my every day activities. Jeremy is one of the most knowledgeable PTs in the industry and one who is continuously eager to learn more to help his patients. Every day I walk into work, no longer with a limp, I am grateful for him and Game Changer PT.

- Ashleigh Boyce

Jeremy is the absolute best at what he does. Not only did he “PT” my back pain away, but he also educated me on the nature and cause of my pain and taught me the skills I needed to be able to manage my pain from home should I need to. He will make you work hard but you will leave his session feeling like a brand new person. He’s knowledgeable, skilled, relatable, and has the patience of a saint. He is the best in his field and you would be doing yourself a disservice going anywhere else.

- Julia Soynova

Jeremy is the only physical therapist I will go to. He has a very different approach than other physical therapists that not only helps you get you back on your feet, but exceeds what you used to be! He will understand your body and why it functions that way more than anyone I know and will educate you as well. He cares more about his patients than anything else and I would 10/10 recommend you going to his practice:)

- Alyssa Johler

Great place, doctor Jeremy is awesome, he put me on the right path for better mobility..

- Michael V

Dr. Jeremy Paster is an extremely knowledgeable PT and is always willing to share this knowledge with his peers. He is an expert at analyzing movement of the human body. He looks to solve the underlying issue(s) related to your injury, and helps facilitate optimal movement patterns/biomechanics in order to improve athletic performance and longevity. Jeremy is personable and will give you his undivided attention for the entire session to get you on track to accomplishing your goals.

- Sami Jamal

Jeremy is a top physical therapist with a great mindset and continuously learning to help his patients. He will listen to every little detail of your history and continuously exam your body to get the results you want. If you want a physical therapist who will spend the time and effort to help you get out pain, move better, and live a better life then Jeremy is the guy to go to.

- Jason Erdman

Working with Jeremy has been such a pleasure. He really takes his time to master his craft and it is evidenced through the great patient outcomes that are achieved. Game Changer Physical Therapy is truly game changing. In typical Physical Therapy clinics, if you have an injury to a certain area of the body, they tend to only look at that region. With Jeremy, however, he takes his time to look at your whole body and explains what's going on in a way that you can understand. He can get most people out of pain in less sessions. If you ask me, that's saving both time and money in the long run! I highly recommend Game Changer Physical Therapy--it is not your ordinary PT spot.

- David Kim

Jeremy is a fantastic PT! He is extremely knowledgeable and shows genuine compassion towards his patients and his enthusiastic about the physical therapy profession. He takes the time and effort to make individualized treatment plans for each one of his patients, and does check-ups before and after each session to ensure his chosen interventions are actually making a difference and helping the patient reach their goals. I’d recommend any family member to go to Jeremy for treatment.

- Mike Johncola

I had shoulder pain and stiffness for 4 years after tearing it during a football game. I tried physical therapy right after the injury but the pain was always still there if I tried to lift weights. After coming here one time, my shoulder felt like I never tore it in the first place. Highly recommend !!!

- Joseph Ruszkowski

As a recent graduate from Physical Therapy school, Jeremy was more than willing to share his knowledge and be a mentor for me as a new therapist. He is one of the most knowledgable therapists that I know and will address each client's individual needs in order to help them reach their goals.

- Zachary Tiongson

I went in limping with what I thought was a serious knee injury and walked out the same day feeling optimistic about the future. Not only is Jeremy intelligent and caring, he has done something that no other physical therapist has been able to help me with in 20 years... give me a pain free lifestyle. Since going to Game Changer I have become pain free for the first time in as long as I can remember! Thank you so much, this place is a must for those with chronic pain. But remember it takes work from you too! Teamwork makes the dream work

- Leonard Tate

Having any form of chronic pain is life changing in a negative way and you will do almost anything to find relief, from Dr Paster I got results! His approach appealed to me as a former athlete (LONG ago!). His explanations are excellent, his work and progressions lead you to a understanding of what is "actually" causing the pain and his exercises to correct this truly stick with you. I can say that after our sessions my chronic pain was negligible and I have been able to be pain free for the first time in longer than I care to think about. I STRONGLY suggest to my friends who complain of aches and pains that they attribute to "age and lifestyle" to go see him and not live in discomfort!

- Tom Gavin

Dr. Jeremy is a great physical therapist. He has a great understanding of how the whole body works together as one. He doesn't just give you a prescription of exercises and send you on your way. He goes above and beyond to take the time to understand his patient’s limitations and struggles through one on one sessions in person and currently online during this quaratine. Then, tailors the patient’s limitations to specific interventions to best help his patients. I would definitely recommend going to see him.

- Katie Abrams

Growing up as a competitive dancer and dealing with tons of injuries, I was never properly explained "how" or "why" an injury happened to me. Instead, I went from one clinic to another, never getting the proper treatment I truly needed. After many months of dealing with a nagging pain in both of my elbows/forearms that no doctor or PT could seem to diagnosis/fix, Dr. Jeremy Paster was able to instantly make me feel better from the my first session at Game Changer Physical Therapy, as well as helping me treat other aches/pains. His approach to treating the entire body as a whole and focusing on the "how" and "why" is what separates him from any other PT. At Game Changer Physical Therapy, there are no quick fixes. Dr. Jeremy Paster will teach you how to apply what's being taught into your everyday lifestyle, no matter what you do. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend Game Changer Physical Therapy to all!

- Jamie Alexa

I am a competitive figure skating currently working with Game Changer through two pretty bad injuries-a dislocated shoulder twice over and an impartial tear in the right labrum in my hip. In the few weeks, I’ve been able to continue my work on the ice and resume more normal functioning not only in my sport, but in day to day living. We started the process 3 weeks ago with 2 goals-the end goal being healthy and strong enough to compete at my National event, the first goal being to qualify for that event through my sectionals. First part of qualifying and I took first place! I could not have done that without the confidence we have restored in my body through stability and range of motion exercises.

- Stephanie Roth

Dr. Jeremy is an incredibly knowledgeable and unique therapist. I respect and admire his attention and care brought to each session we've had. His work and techniques speak for themselves, and always leave me in a better condition than I walked in. What separates Game Changer Physical Therapy starts with his consistent individualized work day to day for each of his clients. As a serious athlete and pursuer of my craft, I have sought out and tried many methods with the goal of taking the best care of my body. I've been incredibly pleased with the work done so far with Jeremy. His sessions simply speak for themselves, so book your consultations asap! I recommend all walks of life from the high performance athlete like me to the weekend warriors to his one of a kind facility!

- Marcella Cruz

After decades of trying every other modality for my chronic pain including other types of physical therapy, chiropractic, aqua therapy, dry needling, massage, injections, pain management, etc, I had not found anyone to give me sustainable relief. Thankfully I was referred to Dr Paster. He is the first professional that that really looks at the body as a whole. He understands how one part of the body impacts the rest. He is able to identify where the pain actually originates from and addresses the underlying mechanical issues. His personalized attention and care has really helped me to have less pain and more flexibility. I highly recommend him especially for other people like myself who have been on a never ending journey to finally get some relief.

- Pamela Blumer

I have attended several sessions at Game Changer Physical Therapy and without a doubt Dr. Jeremy Paster is one of the best in the business. He is extremely personable, professional, and most knowledgable of any Physical Therapist I have ever met with. He is a truly dedicated and will go the extra mile to make sure you achieve all your goals. After only a few sessions he customized a program for me regain my strength and eliminate all pain in my lower back. If you're an athlete who wants to safely resume all activity pain-free, I recommend Game Changer PT and Dr. Jeremy Paster

- Jason Taub

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