Professional Mentorship

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Physical Therapist

  • Enhance understanding of functional anatomy and biomechanics

  • Establish systemization of exercise selection

  • Improve confidence with complex cases

  • Deep dive into respiratory mechanics

  • Advanced multi-system integration treatment philosophy

  • Improve interpretation of assessment

Physical Therapy Student

  • Introduce advanced concepts not taught in PT school

  • Simplify complex concepts

  • Promote advanced decision-making skills

  • Introduce multi-system integration treatment philosophy

  • Improve exercise selection and establish systemization of programming

  • Learn the "how" and "why


Performance Coach

  • Improve individualization of exercise programming

  • Increase confidence in training around injuries

  • Improve collaboration with healthcare professionals

  • Maximize sports performance through proper programming and execution

  • Improve assessment process and interpretation

  • Proper programming throughout the lifespan

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