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Many of us take our health for granted and wait until things hurt to seek out help. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice because life gets in the way. For the very few who are lucky, you end up finding the right provider and you are able to get out of pain. For the unfortunate majority, you end up navigating a confusing medical system where your issues are unresolved and you are left feeling frustrated, hopeless, and exhausted.
In those moments of disappointment and feelings of failure, many are forced to accept their “fate” and end up blaming age, genetics, or accepting what their provider has told them. For those who are not willing to accept that “fate”, they enter this endless journey of having to research themselves, desperately searching for an answer, while simultaneously wasting both time and money.
If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. If you are newly in pain and you have happened to find us, you’ve also come to the right place. Here’s our Game Changing difference:
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Your Journey

*If we feel like we cannot truly help you, we will let you know. Honesty and transparency is key for a therapeutic relationship.*

Success Stories

Michael J

Jeremy is a fantastic PT! He is extremely knowledgeable and shows genuine compassion towards his patients and his enthusiastic about the physical therapy profession. He takes the time and effort to make individualized treatment plans for each one of his patients, and does check-ups before and after each session to ensure his chosen interventions are actually making a difference and helping the patient reach their goals. I’d recommend any family member to go to Jeremy for treatment.
Ashleigh A

I am a collegiate athlete who came to Jeremy with years of undiagnosed, seemingly unfixable shoulder pain. He approached the situation with an open mind and took many varying factors into consideration, which is not something that I had been lucky enough to experience prior to working with him. After years of being told that my shoulder was "untreatable" and that I would have to play my sport in constant pain, Jeremy was able to contradict those statements and resolve my issue in minimal sessions. I am so appreciative of what Jeremy has done for me, and I would recommend anyone, athlete or not, go to Game Changer Physical Therapy.
Bobby A

I've been to plenty of PT's throughout the years and Jeremy at Gamechanger is the Best Physical Therapist in New Jersey. He spends the time on fixing the cause of the injury so you don't end up back there again for the same thing. Highly recommend.
Priya K

Dr. Dave is the BEST physical therapist I’ve been to! He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, has excellent bed side manner and listens to his patients concerns intently! He is extremely dedicated to helping his patients (in person and virtually) and his PT techniques are easy yet effective! In just two sessions, I have felt significantly better and am back to working out and am pain free! I would definitely recommend Dr. Dave to anyone who has been struggling with chronic pain and is looking for quick/ lasting relief and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle!
Nikki G

In March of 2015 I was participating in a HIIT workout. I had learned a new movement that day that was incorporated into the workout. I was not fully comfortable with the movement but against my better judgment I moved forward with participating in the workout for the day. About halfway through the workout I felt a warm rush of heat down my right leg. I dropped the barbell and immediately knew that something was wrong. What I did not know was how much that one decision would affect my functions in daily life moving forward.

I ended up herniating two discs in my lower back. I started off with receiving physical therapy by itself at first. While it helped me I would have frequent spasms that would last a few days and then I would be ok for a few months. The spasms became more and more frequent over time. I went to the physiatrist and began injections along with continuing physical therapy. In a year and a half time span I received two facet joint injections and six epidurals. While they helped I still was limited in my day to day routines. I still could not workout consistently and had to miss work periodically because I was not able to stand up at times. In May of 2018 things got so bad I ended up in a hospital for 5 days, and lost feeling in the area of my pelvis and right lower abdominals for about two weeks. I was released from the hospital having to use a walker and given a bunch of muscle relaxers. Doctors were making me feel like I was crazy because I would be told that my case was mild yet none of these reactions were mild. I mean, I was in my late 30's and had to use a walker! This was not normal or mild! By this point I was at my wit's end. I went to a rheumatologist, another orthopedic, and a neurologist determined to figure out how to get this under control and take my life back. I was desperate. The neurologist I found was quite helpful. She took me off of the muscle relaxers and put me on a low dose of daily nerve medication. Then she sent me back to physical therapy.

It was some time later that I found Dr. Dave Kim. He took the time to actually listen to me, made me feel validated in what I was thinking and feeling. He did a really thorough evaluation of me, the most thorough I had ever had. Dr. David Kim gave me his full attention during my sessions with him and has literally been a miracle worker. It was refreshing to have someone actually hear you and show that they care. He followed up with me every step of the way even in the little spare time that he had. Couple of sessions with him and my spasms have stopped and I’m feeling the best I have felt in a long, long time. Dr. Dave is aces and I cannot say enough about him. If you are experiencing chronic pain, fed up with the healthcare system and feel like you are being ignored and cast to the side, look no further. He is the real deal.

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Are you tired and frustrated of remaining in pain no matter what you try? Are you ready to take back control of your life and work with trusted providers who have your best interest in mind?

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