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Here’s What People Say About Working with Game Changer PT

Maguie K

I normally don’t write long reviews, but my experience was far too important to not share. After many failed attempts of PT, I saw Dr. David Kim as a last resort for my chronic hip and knee pain. A family member recommended Dr. Kim and said he was different from the average Physical Therapist and treats more holistically. I was so desperate that I decided to give him a try. I can confidently say it was the best decision I have ever made.

In my previous experiences, after the first evaluation, you are assigned to an assistant who shows you how to do the exercises and after that, you are basically on your own. Once in a while someone would ask if everything is okay and that is about it. Throughout the process, the symptoms might improve a little and new injuries occur shortly after. Basically, the patient is in a vicious circle until they end up giving up and resort to living with their symptoms. I was basically there.

Working with Dr. Kim changed the whole concept of Physical Therapy for me. They should teach his method in Physical Therapy schools. He treats the patient’s whole body, not just the aching part. He spent the full hour with me and the great thing was he tailored the exercises to my body. If one exercise didn’t feel right, he gave me another alternative or had me perform it slightly differently so I wouldn’t have to feel pain while exercising. It was very intriguing how one small change for the same exercise would elicit such a dramatic change in my pain level. He explained why he was having me do certain things and if I was confused, he made it very easy for me to understand. Previous places used to just say do more, but with Dr. Kim, the whole process was painless. He always checked my body after each exercise to make sure we were headed in the right direction. I felt heard for the first time and validated in how I was feeling. While other places were dismissive, he took the time to listen to me and my story, and worked with me to figure out a solution. I started my treatments in June and saw immediate results even after my first session.

For a long time, I never thought I would be pain-free again. It took a toll on me mentally and emotionally. I lost myself during that process. Now I am confidently able to say I have my life back, I’m pain-free, and I’m feeling both younger and stronger than ever. My posture naturally improved without doing endless stretches and I feel my energy levels are so high. I wake up every morning feeling hopeful and confident again. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Dave for PT. He genuinely cares for each and every patient. He is now more than just my PT. He is family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Brian S

Prior to meeting Dave , I had been in pain in my ankles, shoulders, ribs, and hips for about 5 years. I have tried PT at multiple clinics including Kessler in West Orange and Iron Physical Therapy in Caldwell and had little to no improvement after months of PT. Both places gave me exercises I could’ve found on the internet and done at home on my own and neither clinic could figure out how to adapt or change my treatment plan once things weren’t improving. Luckily I met Dave and have seen a huge improvement in my time working with him. My pain levels have decreased significantly and I really appreciate the 1 to 1 time he spends working with me. At every other clinic I went to, the clinician was always treating multiple people at the same time . In addition to the 1 to 1 treatment Dave provides, he is by far the most knowledgeable clinician I’ve ever met. He is able to explain things to me In ways I can understand and provides a very detailed treatment plan tailored to my needs all while making himself available via text or phone whenever I may need it. Dave genuinely cares about getting results and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. I’m a client of Dave’s for life and would strongly recommend him to anyone in need.
Linda H

Working with Dr. Dave has been life changing for me. I’ve been going to PT for many years and have experienced the ups and downs that come alongside one's rehab journey.

My previous PT experiences have been just OK and they focused a lot on the site of pain only. I got very little face time with the PTs and was with a student/assistant for all of my exercises. The frustrating part was even though I was hurting during the exercises, no one really paid attention to me. No one really corrected my form as many of the PTs and aides were preoccupied juggling many other patients. They just kept on saying, “do more.”

When I finally found Dr. Dave Kim at Game Changer Physical Therapy, I fully realized what true PT should look like. He is extremely meticulous with his assessments and he was with me for the full hour, making sure all of the exercises were done properly. He made sure I was able to feel the right sensations and completely customized all of the exercises specific to my body. He made sure to check and assess me after each exercise to make sure we were headed in the right direction. He had a solid plan for me and made sure I felt well supported throughout the entire process. Now, I am pain-free and have control over my life again. I am feeling better than ever and I’m feeling more resilient. If you are reading this, go straight to Dr. Dave. I wish I had gone to him way sooner.
Andy C

A physical therapist seeing a physical therapist is always weird but sometimes you need an unbiased perspective which is what Jeremy offers. Jeremy has helped our team with people that were managing very complex injuries and he even helped myself navigate a back pain flare-up.

If you're in the area and haven't seen success with conventional physical therapy, then you should reach out to Jeremy. Unfortunately, the standard is very low and will look even lower when you get the chance to work with this guy. Thank you Jeremy!

Melissa S

I can’t recommend Jeremy enough! I hurt my back deadlifting to the point where I didn’t even want to workout and was unable to lift without pain. Jeremy took the time to listen to my issues and gave me the tools and exercises needed to relieve my pain and strengthen my lifts by focusing on root causes leading to my pain. A mere months after my initial consultation with Jeremy and I am already back to lifting with no pain. Jeremy is a true professional and knows what he is doing—he wants the best for his patients and it shows. He not only explains things in an easily understandable way but takes the time to check in between appointments and is always available to answer questions. Would recommend Jeremy to anyone in need of a PT.
Ashleigh A

I am a collegiate athlete who came to Jeremy with years of undiagnosed, seemingly unfixable shoulder pain. He approached the situation with an open mind and took many varying factors into consideration, which is not something that I had been lucky enough to experience prior to working with him. After years of being told that my shoulder was "untreatable" and that I would have to play my sport in constant pain, Jeremy was able to contradict those statements and resolve my issue in minimal sessions. I am so appreciative of what Jeremy has done for me, and I would recommend anyone, athlete or not, go to Game Changer Physical Therapy.
Lysa B

Jeremy the owner of game changer seriously changed our lives ! After our second failed physical therapy practice we found Jeremy. He helped my daughter through her severe concussion . He is a caring, inspiring and thorough physical therapist. We are so thankful for his caring nature with properly healing our daughter. If we need a physical therapist again or know someone who needs therapy he will be our first go to!
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Gabriela K

I tore my ACL and MCL when I was I was 12 years old and have had ongoing pain within my knee for years, now I'm 16. I thought this pain in my knee would never go away and I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I also believed that I wouldn't be able to go back to playing soccer. But after all of the physical therapists that I went to throughout the years, Jeremy was the only one who had assured me that this pain wasn't normal and I wasn't going to have it forever. With his help, the knee in my pain got better and now I'm the best I've ever felt. I've never been more confident and happy with where my knee is right now, thanks to Jeremy. Finally happy to say I could return to the sport I love because of him. Highly recommend going to him, he is truly the best.

Dr. Dave is one of the most talented Physical therapists ive had the pleasure of encountering, the man is veritable magic.

After experiencing chronic and debilitating pain in my lower back and legs for about 12 months in 2020 (pain level at a 9/10) and going through a string of physical therapists and on pain meds, I had all but given up returning to my normal active lifestyle (MMA, strength training).

Dr Dave set his sights on not just returning to my previously level of activity but allowed me to dream about more (I now surf also). He is able read body, muscles and tension and develop a uniquely customized physical and breathwork/breathing routine that had me back in the gym and training within 6 months and surfing in 12 months.

I had given up at age 43 on full recovery, but he gave me my life back. I even referred my mother.

I highly highly recommend, he will have you believing and defying your own limits and he also has an incredibly soothing manner.

Good luck everyone.

Marcella C

Dr. Jeremy is an incredibly knowledgeable and unique therapist. I respect and admire his attention and care brought to each session we've had. His work and techniques speak for themselves, and always leave me in a better condition than I walked in. What separates Game Changer Physical Therapy starts with his consistent individualized work day to day for each of his clients. As a serious athlete and pursuer of my craft, I have sought out and tried many methods with the goal of taking the best care of my body. I've been incredibly pleased with the work done so far with Jeremy. His sessions simply speak for themselves, so book your consultations asap! I recommend all walks of life from the high performance athlete like me to the weekend warriors to his one of a kind facility!
Julia J

Jeremy is the absolute best at what he does. Not only did he “PT” my back pain away, but he also educated me on the nature and cause of my pain and taught me the skills I needed to be able to manage my pain from home should I need to. He will make you work hard but you will leave his session feeling like a brand new person. He’s knowledgeable, skilled, relatable, and has the patience of a saint. He is the best in his field and you would be doing yourself a disservice going anywhere else.
Ashleigh B

I wasted years trying to find a physical therapist who would help me to alleviate knee pain. I found Jeremy and I will never have to search again. After two knee surgeries and years of pain, while working an active job, I was tired of physical therapists who only wanted to band aid my knee issues. From day one Jeremy has been committed to the bigger picture - of how to treat ALL of my body, not just my knee, and how to help me move better in my every day activities. Jeremy is one of the most knowledgeable PTs in the industry and one who is continuously eager to learn more to help his patients. Every day I walk into work, no longer with a limp, I am grateful for him and Game Changer PT.
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