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So you can workout, be active, and enjoy movement without the constant stress of pain or worrying about getting hurt again….

Perfect for active people in the New Jersey area and even those who’ve tried traditional PT & Chiro and found temporary or minimal relief, but still feel pain.

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What You Will Discover From This Guide:

  • The truth about treating pain, why so many people fail with "traditional" rehabilitation approaches and what to do instead
  • See what real people with nagging pain and complicated issues did to achieve real results and stay active pain-free
  • Actionable steps to get out of pain and get back to being active no matter where the pain is or how long the pain has persisted

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is more than just your average

cookie-cutter approach….

Uncover the truth about recovery and discover the method that’s helped

👉 hundreds of active people get and stay moving 👈

who have been struggling with consistent nagging pain in the back, shoulder, hip, neck, knee, etc…

even when they thought they had exhausted all treatment options.

Michael J

Jeremy is a fantastic PT! He is extremely knowledgeable and shows genuine compassion towards his patients and his enthusiastic about the physical therapy profession. He takes the time and effort to make individualized treatment plans for each one of his patients, and does check-ups before and after each session to ensure his chosen interventions are actually making a difference and helping the patient reach their goals. I’d recommend any family member to go to Jeremy for treatment.
Ashleigh A

I am a collegiate athlete who came to Jeremy with years of undiagnosed, seemingly unfixable shoulder pain. He approached the situation with an open mind and took many varying factors into consideration, which is not something that I had been lucky enough to experience prior to working with him. After years of being told that my shoulder was "untreatable" and that I would have to play my sport in constant pain, Jeremy was able to contradict those statements and resolve my issue in minimal sessions. I am so appreciative of what Jeremy has done for me, and I would recommend anyone, athlete or not, go to Game Changer Physical Therapy.
Priya K

Dr. Dave is the BEST physical therapist I’ve been to! He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, has excellent bed side manner and listens to his patients concerns intently! He is extremely dedicated to helping his patients (in person and virtually) and his PT techniques are easy yet effective! In just two sessions, I have felt significantly better and am back to working out and am pain free! I would definitely recommend Dr. Dave to anyone who has been struggling with chronic pain and is looking for quick/ lasting relief and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle!
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Julia J

Jeremy is the absolute best at what he does. Not only did he “PT” my back pain away, but he also educated me on the nature and cause of my pain and taught me the skills I needed to be able to manage my pain from home should I need to. He will make you work hard but you will leave his session feeling like a brand new person. He’s knowledgeable, skilled, relatable, and has the patience of a saint. He is the best in his field and you would be doing yourself a disservice going anywhere else.
Emily HM

I came to Game Changer Physical Therapy literally in tears from chronic hip pain. Dr. Dave quickly diagnosed me and had me on a regular schedule so now I am pain free and looking forward to amping up my exercise and living a more active lifestyle. The special thing about this place is you feel supported, like you have a true entourage on your side, cheering you to get better and grow stronger. Dr. Dave expertly explains things and patiently ensures exercises are done right, it is a full service team who is looking after your best interest. Run (carefully given your injury) to Game Changer - you won’t be disappointed.
Tom G

Having any form of chronic pain is life changing in a negative way and you will do almost anything to find relief, from Dr Paster I got results! His approach appealed to me as a former athlete (LONG ago!). His explanations are excellent, his work and progressions lead you to a understanding of what is "actually" causing the pain and his exercises to correct this truly stick with you. I can say that after our sessions my chronic pain was negligible and I have been able to be pain free for the first time in longer than I care to think about. I STRONGLY suggest to my friends who complain of aches and pains that they attribute to "age and lifestyle" to go see him and not live in discomfort!
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